Investment Services

Real Estate Investments and Management



Pathmark Properties’ analysts work with one goal in mind: to increase your net worth. Finding and purchasing an investment is a job not for a regular real estate agent or realtor but for a highly accredited individual with in-depth knowledge of the market, zoning laws, and investment analysis. Our real estate investment analysis is always with the investor’s goals in mind.

Analyzing Your Current Investment

Sometimes, the best strategy is to reposition your current property to bring in more revenue, which directly leases to increase appreciation. This is the best approach. In other cases, purchasing an undervalued asset with the potential for value-added upgrades can significantly improve your cash position. Using this strategy, it is important that you have a skilled and experienced asset investment analyst.


Skills Needed

  • Finding lenders
  • Negotiating purchase agreements
  • Property, market, and investment diligence
  • Analysis of revenue growth and IRR
  • Preparing pro formal for outlying years (2, 5, and 10 years)
  • Future investment requirements
  • Risk management
  • Formulating Tax Strategies

This is Pathmark Properties’ process for trading up and improving both cash flow and value without incurring tax liability.


Handling day-to-day operations is the job of the property manager. Pathmark Properties having a close business relationship with the real estate manager is important to follow the strategy laid out by the asset manager. Pathmark Properties has the resources to manage various properties from small single-family residences to large apartments and mix-use assets.

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