• Care Free Property Management  - Maximum Income -  Investment Protection


Pathmark Properties has been a recognized name in rental property management for over 20 years.  We provide a full range of services to take the worry out of renting, screening and complying with the myriad of laws you must contend with as a landlord.  Pathmark, with its highly structured accounting system and experienced personnel will provide you with a worry-free investment experience and one that you can depend on year after year.  Below is a summary of services we offer:

  • Inspect the property and recommend any improvements and/or repairs to maximize potential rental income.
  • Provide quotes and cost estimates for the work to be done.
  • Manage any selected repairs and upgrades.
  • Review "comps" of rentals in the area, and recommend a rate for your property.
  • Place “For Rent” signage in window or yard as appropriate.
  • Advertise in newspapers, at local companies, the Internet and our web site
  • Carefully screen potential renters, and obtain applications and credit checks.
  • Execute leases and collect security deposits.
  • Collect rents and provide monthly statements.
  • Pay Homeowner’s dues, and other expenses if desired by owner.
  • Take phone calls for emergencies and repairs; coordinate reliable service providers; pay them upon completion.
  • Provide year-end tax reports.

Pathmark’s goals are to provide "care-free" Property Management, maximize rental income and to protect our clients’ investment property.  We are always open to suggestions or requests to provide specialized services for each individual property owner.
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