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Property Owners

Pathmark Properties manages single-family homes and condos in San Diego County.  The cost of our services is between 8 & 10% of the rents collected.  Unlike some of our competitors, we lease and care for the properties like they were “our own” by carefully screening the prospective tenants with background, employment, credit and eviction checks.  We conduct “walk-through” inspections with the tenants during move-in and end of rental, to assure that your investment property is protected against damage or excessive wear and tear.

If you are interested in letting us compete for management of your property, please fill in the following form and e-mail it to  We will be happy to meet you at the rental property site, answer any questions, and review the details of our services.  Or you can just call us at 858-578-6431.

Address _____________________    City _________________  State ____  Zip ________

Home Phone ____________________   Work Phone __________________________

E-mail ________________________________

Rental Address ___________________   City ______________  State _____ Zip _______

Bedrooms ____  Baths ____  Est. Sq. Ft. _______  Sugggested Rent _____________

When Available ___________

Other Details:                          
Request for Property Management Information:

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